“Our aim is to encourage the advancement of women involved in all aspects of the security industry through the exchange of information and cultivation of productive relationships”

Despite the increase in the number of women choosing a career in security over the last decade, women still make up only about 10% of the security workforce. Although it’s widely recognised that a diverse workforce is crucial to success, support for women in security can be variable.

The good news is that the security industry is evolving with the development of formal and academic qualifications in the various disciplines, standards and career paths emerging and some fantastic examples of women achieving success.

In support of this progress, the main objective of the Women’s Security Society (WSS) is to create an inspiring networking forum for women working in the security industry. We want to showcase the women who are succeeding and provide a friendly, fun environment for women to learn, develop and flourish in security.


To share knowledge, provide support and encourage the empowerment and success of women in the security industry.


To reach out to women in the security industry through networking events and a web based forum.

To support women specifically working or studying in a security related or management specialist security discipline.

To remain a non-profit organisation, seeking funding through sponsorship and assistance from amiable members.


To be open to everyone across all security disciplines regardless of their experience, position or industry.

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